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Circadian Lighting: Indoor & Outdoor Lighting - WEBINAR - 10/14/20

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Date: October 14, 2020
Time: 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Circadian Lighting
• Circadian Rhythms – what are they?
• Astronomical Clock and biological clock
• Disrupted circadian rhythm causes
• How to reset my body clock
• What is circadian lighting
• Influencing factors for circadian lighting
• Benefits of circadian lighting
• 4 Circadian and 3 Aesthetic, Mood and Ambience Presets
• Support and Warranty
• Recommended Applications for Circadian Lighting
• Does it Work? 50% reduction in falls with one facility

Rules of Thumb for Indoor Lighting
• Downlight Aperture Opening
• Spacing Criteria
• Room Reflectance
• Wall Washing with Light
• Accent Lighting
• Luminance Ratios
• Aisle Lighting
• EZLayout tips
• Lighting Design

Rules of Thumb for Outdoor Lighting
• Area light pole/fixture spacing
• IES Outdoor Luminaire Classifications
• Area light mounting height
• Fixture options
• NEMA Flood Classifications
• Flood and Spot pole/fixture spacing
• Fixture options
• Single ground mounted floods
• Flag Lighting
• Wall Pack fixture spacing
• Wall Pack mounting height
• Outdoor lighting BUG rating
• Glare
• LED Equivalency with HID
• Reading an Iso-footcandle curve
• Light Level Overlap

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Cancellation Policy: Full refund on cancellations made at least 72 hours/3 days prior to class. Cancellations made 24-72 hours/ 1-3 days prior to class will receive a credit towards a future class.

If you are not a licensed electrician, you are still more than welcome to attend this class. Simply put none in the NJ License # field.

Circadian Lighting: Indoor & Outdoor Lighting - WEBINAR - 10/14/20

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